The Journey

This is dedicated to everyone I met along the way.

Prologue Last Sunday afternoon I sat down at my laptop and began to write. I didn't know how long I would write for or how long the finished product would be. I just knew I had things inside me I had never publicly said before and they just needed to come out. The words just flowed from me like the Corrib after a deluge of rain. I took a break for a couple of hours, had my dinner and went to mass. I came back to the laptop and wrote for around another 3 hours. In the article I reveal how I discovered through psychotherapy that my father had sexually abused me as a young child, something I had completely blocked out of my mind in the subsequent years. I also reveal I was sexually abused by a scout leader as a young adult. I write about my dealings with the psychiatric services and my subsequent recovery through psychotherapy. Please do not read it if you feel you may be triggered by any of the issues I have mentioned.
Some people have…